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We are pleased to invite you to co-invest with us in our latest hotel acquisition, the 248-room Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square in Southlake, TX.


Projected Cash-on-Cash return


Projected IRR


Minimum Investment

5-7 Years

Anticipated Term

Deal Highlights


Driftwood Acquisitions Partners has successfully secured financing through the Seller who provided a note with a much more favorable funding leverage ratio of 69% of the purchase price plus renovation amount based on the fully funded amount of $48.0 million, and at an interest rate equal to 1% for the first year with a point increase yearly until the interest rate equals 5% in year five.


The Hotel is one of the top RevPAR hotels in the DFW Metroplex MSA and holds the top three RevPAR in the state of Texas amongst other Hiltons. (1)


To ensure the Hotel will maintain its market-leading position once the travel industry recovers from COVID-19 disruption, Driftwood Acquisitions Partners will complete a $5.2 million ($20,992/key) renovation in years 1 and 2 of the hold period.


Driftwood Hospitality Management experience with full-service hotels, specifically the Hilton Dallas Rockwall, allowed Driftwood Acquisitions Partners to identify significant cost savings that can be executed in short order and will translate to a higher GOP margin.


Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is considered one of the strongest and most insulated economies in the country and is home to 22 Fortune 500 companies and 43 Fortune 1,000 companies. (2)


Investors are expected to receive distributions on a quarterly basis. For the projected investment hold period of three years, distributions are projected as follows assuming a $100,000 investment in the Partnership:















Market Highlights


The Dallas-Fort Worth regional economy is among the most diverse in the nation. Dallas economy encompasses banking, commerce, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare and medical research, transportation, logistics, defense, and aircraft manufacturing.


The Hotel’s superb location inside Towne Square provides walkability to multiple demand generators and strong brand recognition, which will allow the Hotel to maintain its competitive advantage despite the new supply.


While most large metro markets in the US have seen significantly accelerated out-migration patterns, the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex has become one of the in-migration markets which has benefited from the relocation of several companies relocating from high-tax states. (3)


The Hotel’s unique location proximate to dynamic demand generators and large corporate offices caters to both commercial and leisure travelers, attracting year-round lodging demand.

Who we are

Driftwood Capital is an innovative investment business built on the solid foundation of a most trusted name in hospitality. Experts in acquisitions, development and lending source, underwrite, structure and close investments with major hotel flags, all secured by sponsor capital. Side by side with Driftwood Hospitality Management, Driftwood Capital asset manages and oversees operations to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns in hospitality.

Driftwood Capital principals have a substantial track record, transacting on more than $5 billion in hospitality assets through various affiliated management and ownership entities.

The firm’s proprietary DealDirect solution takes the risk out of the investment process; the entire transaction is executed upfront using sponsor capital, and then offered on a deal by deal basis to investors, allowing each to create a customized portfolio of investments that meets their needs.

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